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Honest Owl logo Medical billing

Let's make your profit something to hoot about!

Medical Billing
Specialties Include:

Mental Health  
Family Practice

Pediatric Cardiology

With our certified billers and coders, we are
happy to work in most specialties!

Services Offered

Experience the 

peace of mind that comes from knowing your books will always be up-to-date and in perfect order.  

Enjoy the freedom to do what you love with your

free time instead of spending it on billing and insurance issues.

Stress-free, accurate and timely credentialing service for behavioral health and medical providers.

Relax. We can handle all of your appointment requests and collect new client paperwork!


Empower yourself by learning the ins-and-outs of medical billing, bookkeeping, and


We can get your accounts sparkly clean and resolve all of your unpaid,
denied and rejected claims.

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Discover what partnering with the right Biller

& Bookkeeper can do for your business!

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