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Medical Billing 

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Secondary insurance, third-party payers,

pre-authorizations . . . oh, my!

Want one less thing to worry about?

We've got you covered!

Your time is valuable . . . spend it doing what you enjoy most!  Our billing service allows you to focus on your clients without giving insurance billing a second thought.  From beginning to end, we'll do what it takes to get your claims paid.  We work within your existing EHR software! 

For mental health practices, we specialize in working with Simple Practice.


Full-Service Billing Includes:

Creation and submission of insurance claims

Verification of new client benefits before visits

Calls to insurance companies to resolve claim issues

Billing to third-party payers

Posting payments in EHR

Claim tracking and A/R resolution
HIPAA certified and compliant

*Pre-Authorizations available at additional fee.

Full-Service Billing Pricing:  
7% Medical
8% Mental Health


Fee applies to allowed amount, not amount billed.
Percentage billing applies to providers practicing in
states where percentage billing is allowed.  For other 
states, a flat fee will be determined.

Account clean-up available
for additional fee

All money goes directly to you.  
We don't get paid until you do!

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