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Parallel Lines

Halloween contest

It's that time again!

Please vote for your favorites in
our 2023 competitions!

What's at stake?

Pet photo Contest

1st place = $75
2nd Place = $50
3rd Place = $25

Costume Contest

1st place = $200
2nd Place = $100
3rd Place = $50

witchy owl.png



Black Background

costume entries

Luke full.heic

Luke as 
Emporer Belos
from The Owl House

Luke 2.heic


Rachel full.jpeg

Rachel as a
Traveling Librarian

Ethan as a Cowboy

Bernadette as a
Mermaid Skeleton

She did
her own

Wendi as
Madame Leota
from Disney's 
Haunted Mansion

pet photoshop entries

We wanted to include our
adorable pets in the festivities!

Arrow as Cerberus
by Luke

Yuki as Falkor and Abby as the bat
from Neverending Story
by Bernadette

Arrow as
Professor Dumbledore

by Wendi

Ivy as Rocket
from Guardians of the Galaxy
by Ethan

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 3.30.47 PM.png

Lemon as
Doja Cat's cover art

by Angelina

Time to Vote!
Please click the link below and vote for your favorites!

Voting closes on Tuesday, 10/31/23 at noon!

Thank you!
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