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Provider Enrollments/Credentialing 

You're eager to get started and time is of the essence.

Imagine the insurance paneling process being quick and painless.


Completing insurance enrollment/credentialing applications on your behalf

Completed applications sent to you via e-mail with e-signature capability

Follow-up on applications until complete
Pay half up front and half upon completion

New Enrollment,
Medical w/ 
Admitting Privileges

(not previously paneled
with insurance)

per clinician, per insurance

New Enrollment, Behavioral Health,
Physical, Speech or Occupational Therapy 
(not previously credentialed
with insurance)

per clinician, per insurance

Information Change  
(previously credentialed, but joining a new group)
per clinician, per insurance

Demographic Updates

There will be a one-time Set-up Fee of $50 per clinician added which covers:  setting up your file, gathering information and documents required, and updating clinician's CAQH account.

*Our fee for new enrollments and information changes will be reduced for ongoing billing clients.


Honest Owl Bookkeeping no longer provides enrollment services for Medicare and Medicaid

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