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We're Hiring

We are on the search for an amazing, organized, focused, knowledgeable, loyal, funny, reliable, detail-oriented rockstar who wants nothing more than to work from home in their pj's with the coolest team on the planet!

Position open ONLY to residents of Nebraska, Utah and Washington
(those are the states we are licensed in and we are not looking to expand at this time)


It might be if:


You are one cool cucumber under the pressure of deadlines and numerous tasks

You take ownership of tasks given to you and think about the best, most efficient way to perform them

You are a planner and make checklists for everything and it doesn't drive you crazy that tasks are recurring

You are empathetic, kind, understanding, patient and respectful to all.  You leave a positive impression with clients

You have a positive attitude and excellent customer service skills and believe in going the extra-mile for the client

You have EXCELLENT spelling, grammar and email skills

You are a self-starter, highly motived and can stay totally focused working from home

You pay serious attention to detail.  Like, it's your middle name. You have the habit of double-checking everything you enter and read back your emails before you hit send.  Because attention to detail is so important, you've read every line of this and will follow these special instructions:  after submitting your application, send me an email and include a secret code in the subject line. In the subject line, you should write: I am the magical applicant.  In the body of the email, feel free to tell me a little more about yourself and bonus points if you include your favorite gif or meme! This way I will know that you are thorough, you read this entire post and you can follow instructions. 

You are a team-player and can take instruction from others

You have been known to speak in (clean) memes


If this sounds like you, then you just may be

the ROCKSTAR we are looking for!

What it's like to work with us:

We are a tight-knit team who works really hard, but tries to have fun along the way.  We respect each other, help and support each other, and always encourage each other.  We love to celebrate our wins together, strategize when things get hard, and put our heads together to brainstorm how we can make our company the best it can possibly be!

We are a super busy, fast growing company that is looking for that "needle in the haystack" person that is just the right fit!  Someone that meshes well with the team and can jump right in and will be as committed and dedicated as we are.  You don't have to know everything; you will be thoroughly trained in all of your job responsibilities.  

You'll always be busy, you'll have plenty of opportunities for growth and you'll have a new family that will always have your back!


Let's talk about the position:


Full-time - 35-40 hours per week


Claim Creation/Submission
Denial Research & Resolution
Payment Posting
Account Audits
Benefit Verification
Data Entry


Fully Remote
 No more lame commutes or fancy work clothes (well . . . keep  
at least one fancy outfit for client Zoom meetings).

No Certification Required
The right candidate is the most important thing to us and you will be thoroughly trained for your position.  Some experience, training, or education is required to be considered
for the position, however, but we have no set requirements as to
what that might be.  

Hourly Pay
This is a W-2 position that starts at $17 per hour for the first 120 days, which are considered a trial period.  At the end of 120 days, if we are a good fit for each other, you will be raised to $18 - $19 per hour, depending on experience.
PTO Offered
PTO (personal time off) offered yearly for BOTH part-time and full-time employees. (PTO available after 120 days of employement.)

APCC Membership & CEU allowance
For full-time employees, the company will cover the cost of your AAPC membership renewals and has a CEU stipend each year.

Because we work within insurances' hours, the shift will primarily be between the hours of 8-5 Monday through Friday, however, we offer some flexibility to find the schedule that works for both of us.
You won't be micromanaged.  The right candidate should be self-motivated and able to work efficiently on their own.  Please do not apply if this is not you - it won't work out between us in the long run.

Work Perks
Each month we have a team meeting that's a little bit of business and a whole lot of fun!  We play virtual boardgames together (with prizes, of course!), have contests (with prizes, of course!), and have breakfasts/lunches together (delivered by DoorDash).  


Your hours will fluctuate a little in the beginning during training.  You will be working approximately 15-30 hours a week while you are trained and the schedule is set by the trainer.  Training takes place via Zoom.

While we do offer some flexibility, the majority of your hours will need to be between 8-5 (when most insurances are open).

When hiring for part-time positions, preference will be given to those that have the ability to increase hours in the future to 30-40 hours per week as our needs grow.

This is a long-term position.  You will not be the right fit for us if you are looking for a stepping-stone or side hustle.  We need someone fully focused who is interested in sticking around for the long-haul.

During certain peak times (like January when there's a million and one benefit checks) we need all hands on deck!

Because we are a small company, we sadly do not offer health insurance at this time.  I hope to change this in the future, but it is not on the horizon right now.

You must reside in Nebraska, Utah or Washington to apply.  (We must be licensed in each state we have a remote employee and we are not looking to expand to other states at this time.)


You must have excellent English language skills.  You will have a lot of direct, written contact with our clinicians so if correct spelling and grammar are not your strengths, this will not be the right position for you.  

Must have a dedicated home office space (it's own room) to comply with HIPAA privacy requirements and your own computer.

Must be available for weekly check-in meetings with the billing supervisor.  This is dedicated time for you to ask questions, get live help and instruction on any issues you are experiencing, and receive additional training. 

Must be available for monthly team meetings via Zoom (which mostly end up being social hangouts where we play virtual board games together, because community and friendship amongst my team is important to me).  


If this sounds like your dream job, we want to hear from you!

How to Apply:

Follow ALL steps!  
If you don't, your application
will not be considered.

It is so important to us to find the right fit for our team.  A resume alone cannot show us your personality! Therefore, please follow the steps below to apply:

1.  Fill out the application form by clicking the button

     below. Upload your CV in the provided area.

2.  Send an email to me!  Attach your resume, introduce      yourself and tell me about you!  Bonus points if you        

     include your favorite meme or gif!  Make sure to        

    include the secret code in the subject line or your     resume will go to the bottom of the pile!  If you      

     don't know the secret code, read over the post again!

     Email to:

Please note: we are only considering applications for individuals that have

some experience and/or education in

medical billing or coding

Thank you for your interest!

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